Contract Agreement


Jenny Steward and Robbie Thomas



This contract is binding and in good faith between Jenny Stewart of Mount Airy MD 21771 United States and Robbie Thomas of Sarnia, Ontario N7V-2C8 Canada in regards to the production and filming of the new movie (TBA), working title "The Hentryton". The filming will take place in Maryland, United States and post-production will take place at Robbie Thomas Offices 834 Pineview Avenue Sarnia Ontario Canada.

Robbie Thomas has been contracted to be the Producer/Director/Screenwriter of said project and Jenny Stewart will take on the Executive Producers Position throughout the making of this said project. Robbie Thomas has also been contracted to be the sole Psychic/Medium Advisor that will see Robbie in front of the camera as "actor". Robbie Thomas will be given full range of cast call with consultation on all aspects in final decision with Jenny Stewart on those who are to be chosen for this movie. Robbie Thomas role as producer will be in general, would be the first person on a project, choosing the material to produce, overseeing the contracts with actors, talent, the director and crew, insuring that deadlines are met. Furthermore, Robbie Thomas as Director will be in general to make sure the cast are coached properly in the movie, being the directive guidance needed, making sure the aspects of the film are right for post production, organizing the shots needed to be captured and working with the script. Robbie Thomas will do all postproduction on the said movie until Jenny Stewart meets it with approval and signed off as completed.

Jenny Stewart role as Executive Producer will be in general to be the financier working with the director closely (Robbie Thomas) making sure adequate funding over and above what is set forth in this contract agreement that "might be needed", will be ascertained and allocated to the production team (Robbie Thomas) for the need to finish the movie over and above what is stated. Jenny Stewart will work as getting inside information and supplying to the producer (Robbie Thomas) as well as doing area promotions to facilitate the pre-production of the movie with media or advertisement needs. Jenny Stewart will also be on set the entire time of the movie shoot and will facilitate the role of board of directors of this movie.

The movie shoot will run approximately 12 to 14 days (depending on circumstances with weather and other unforeseen elements) with the option of extended shoot time up to 21 days. Filming will commence in the last week of February or the First week of March (depending on weather and or delays).

The total cost for production of (TBA) movie, working title "The Henryton" is $115,000 USD, One Hundred and Fifteen Thousand Dollars and Zero Cents. Monies allocated to Robbie Thomas Offices through bank deposit on or before December 17, 2008. This includes the filming and team of Robbie Thomas, those hired on as principles, directing the motion picture, producing the motion picture, being main principle in film, post production of motion picture, art work of movie and design.

Rights of the movie belong solely to the Executive Producer and Producer of this movie named within (Jenny Stewart and Robbie Thomas). This union is of a partnership of the copy write means for sale or distribution of said movie and or any items that bear its name in resemblance. Any marketing aspect of items for sale that are in common with the movie such any collectable items or retail sales items that pertain to the movie in any situation are a mutual ownership 50/50 through this union of partnership and are at an equal split in profit.

Distribution rights on DVD's are both belonging to Jenny Stewart and Robbie Thomas for the purpose of sale and profit 50/50 split. The rights of the movie should it be sold to a network and or any other production(s) company for the intent to broadcast or distribute are also a 50/50 split in venture with Jenny Stewart and Robbie Thomas. Both Jenny Stewart and Robbie Thomas will have equal control on any decisions made in the distribution and or sale of this movie in the above mentioned.

Robbie Thomas will produce, post-produce and provide Jenny Stewart a Master Copy of finished product on completion of said project after post-production. Both Jenny Stewart and Robbie Thomas have the right to sell the movie in its completed form as retail to customers in DVD form for viewing only on their individual web sites or from their offices and proceeds are theirs to keep solely and individually.

This contract agreement is binding and in accordance with law and has created a partnership with Jenny Stewart and Robbie Thomas.



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